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Aire Nouvelle : Low carbon real estate development

Aire Nouvelle, a committed player in the development and real estate promotion of EQUANS France.

dessin - ville durable

Commitment to building the sustainable city of tomorrow

A will

To intervene as early as possible, at the source of the creation of development projects, where the city of tomorrow is imagined, where innovative, sustainable and mixed urban projects are conceived, in partnership with developers, real estate promoters, architects, engineering firms and start-ups...


Prioritize renovation and rehabilitation to reduce the carbon impact of the act of building.

Designing low-carbon real estate: building in a more sustainable way, more respectful of the planet, in order to improve the living environment and the well-being of citizens.

To commit to environmental excellence at the heart of real estate and urban projects: low-carbon, energy-efficient, renewable energy producers, developing green mobility and promoting biodiversity.


An ambition

Becoming the leader in decarbonized real estate

  • By systematically aiming for the highest level of environmental performance: in terms of on-site renewable energy production and by designing the most sober buildings possible, in order to generalize the realization of very low-carbon buildings.
  • By prioritizing superstructure parking spaces or providing for the reversibility of infrastructure parking.
  • By developing and providing for green mobility: building energies (electricity, biogas, hydrogen) are the energies of tomorrow's mobility.
  • By promoting biodiversity and indoor air quality for the health and well-being of all.

In addition to a strong contribution in real estate development, Aire Nouvelle brings the indispensable requirement in the fields of energy, mobility and environment with regard to the challenges of the territories.

Aire Nouvelle - domaines d'expertise

A local presence, close to the expectations of decision-makers

Territories play a major role in the energy transition revolution supported by EQUANS France: they invent and develop adapted solutions, experiment with new systems and take up their own challenges.

With Aire Nouvelle, EQUANS France is reaffirming its territorial roots and making the region the privileged place where the approach to harmonious progress takes shape. EQUANS France's presence, with more than 27,000 employees throughout France, provides a very good knowledge of the economic, ecological, political and technical issues at stake.

This proximity allows us to better respond to the expectations of local decision-makers and stakeholders. Indeed, when a community or a company chooses an urban development project or a real estate project, it must highlight its architectural and environmental qualities.


Providing and managing know-how: EQUANS in the service of low-carbon real estate

Aire Nouvelle brings to its partners the expertise of the EQUANS France group to forge, design and give credibility to all the environmental aspects of a project to be designed and built on the energy mix of the building, as well as on the mobility of the users.

Alongside the real estate developer, who will seek the best integration of a new building into the urban program, the Aire Nouvelle teams will study the energy environment, the insertion into the global mobility scheme and the biodiversity of the site so that the architectural project presented is exemplary within a low-carbon city.

Its strength is also based on EQUANS France's expertise across the entire spectrum of technical work packages: innovation, design, engineering, construction, maintenance, operation, financing, etc., right up to the ability to guarantee the building's energy and carbon performance over the long term.

Discover our projects

Born in December 2016, Aire Nouvelle obtained its first major successes in the following months by winning two of the most important projects of the "Inventons la Métropole du Grand Paris" competition in Saint-Denis (176,000 m2) and Arcueil (82,000 m2) as part of a consortium.

Developing a portfolio of nearly 500,000 sq.m. of projects in the Ile-de-France region and in all the regional cities, Aire Nouvelle is experiencing very strong growth, driven by societal expectations in terms of the environment.


Lille - Echo 10.9

Lille, Echo 10.9

A new place to live, combining work space, restaurants and leisure. 8,000m² of offices, shops and leisure.

Credits: Aventim, Aire Nouvelle (developers) and Coldefy (urban architect)

Saint-Denis, les Lumières Pleyel

Saint-Denis, Les Lumières Pleyel

Saint- Denis - les Lumières Pleyel

A Multi-energy Smart Grid and a mobility center to serve a district with exemplary environmental performance, spearheading the Territory of Culture and Creation 176,000 m² mixed programming including 110,000 m² of offices.

Credits : Sogelym Dixence Holding (representative), Aire Nouvelle, Européquipements, Crédit Agricole Immobilier (developers), Snohetta, Chaix & Morel, Baumschlager Eberle, Atelier 2/3/4, Maud Caubet, Mars Architecture, Moreau Kusunoki (architects)

Bordeaux, Dangeard

Bordeaux, Dangeard

A pole of excellence in bioclimatic de3,350 m² of adaptable and reversible activity cells, creation of a tempered loop based on heat recovery.

Credits: Nexity (representative), Aire nouvelle (promoters), Hoerner & Ordonneau (architects)

Toulouse, Borderouge

Toulouse, Borderouge

Toulouse, Borderouge

Sustainable Buildings in Occitania.19,000 m² of office space, developed around a tree-lined garden in partnership with the National Museum of Natural History. Majority wood structure and bio-climatic design including 1,000 m² of photovoltaic panels.

Credits: Nexity (representative), Aire Nouvelle (developer), Architecture Studio (architects)

Montpellier, Cambacérès

Montpellier, Cambaceres

Mediterranean Sustainable Building. 8,000 m² of mixed-use office space along the highway. Wooden structure, 20,000 m² of photovoltaic panels on the roof and facade, significant greening and digitalization are the hallmarks of this project;

Credits: Nexity (representative), Aire Nouvelle, Cirrus Pegase (promoters), Architecture Studio (architects)

Rennes, Palais du commerce

Rennes, Palais du commerce

Rennes, palais du commerce

An exemplary energy rehabilitation and a contemporary BePos extension.17,000 m² including 5,000 m² of new extension.

Credits: Citizers groupe FREY (representative), Aire Nouvelle (developer), MVRDV, Bernard Desmoulin (architects)

Toulouse, Jolimont

Toulouse, Jolimont

Toulouse, Jolimont

An exemplary project of 18,700m², for a decarbonized, refreshed, breathable and circular city.

Credits: Nexity (representative), Aire Nouvelle (developer), Architectes Singuliers (architect)

An exemplary capacity for innovation

To achieve these ambitious environmental objectives, Aire Nouvelle's experts, supported by the group's innovation labs team, are studying the potential of each site, with particular attention to the issues of the multi-energy Smart Grid, local renewable energy production methods, mobility and biodiversity. Each project has its own innovations!

Aire Nouvelle is contributing to the work carried out within Efficacity on the launch of the Sustainable and Intelligent City label, linked to the subjects of climate change, resource consumption and resilience. Aire Nouvelle is a partner of the Urban Biodiversity Chair of the National Museum of Natural History to develop biodiversity in its real estate projects. Aire Nouvelle is also a partner and contributor to the Smart Building Alliance (SBA), the Booster du Réemploi and a member of the association Batiment Bas Carbone (BBCA);

labels : efficacity + Chaire de Biodiversité Urbaine du Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle +Smart Building Alliance (SBA) + Booster du Réemploi + association Batiment Bas Carbone (BBCA).

A strong experience of the partnership approach

EQUANS France is a specialist in integrated solutions that combine several expertises in the fields of energy efficiency, mobility, but also societal needs such as education, employment...

EQUANS France regularly develops major projects alongside its partners, and collaborates with different ecosystems (local authorities, entrepreneurs, experts, start-ups) to assemble the most effective solutions that are best suited to local situations.

This partnership approach, which has become indispensable in the field of real estate development, is another of Aire Nouvelle's strengths. In addition to knowing how to mobilize resources and teams to respond to important projects, its partnership culture, oriented towards openness, agility and the quality of human relations, allows us to work together in the best conditions and reinforces the desire to create ambitious and innovative projects.

Because desire is just as important as vision to the quality of a project!

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