What will tomorrow's retail and food logistics look like?

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Shopping by drone is no longer science fiction. The small American artisanal products store Sugar Magnolia has been delivering its Christiansburg customers homemade chocolates and popcorn with Google drones since late 2019. A revolution that illustrates the new trajectory of retail and food logistics: quest for local products, short circuit and advanced logistics..


More and more French people want to eat responsibly and sustainably, with local, healthy and safe products. Another underlying trend, amplified by the health crisis, is that consumers are moving away from the big supermarkets on the outskirts of town to short circuits and small local food stores, food shops or direct sales from small producers. 


60 % of French people would like to prefer more local and short circuit purchases.

(Source : BVA survey for EQUANS France)


Born with the model of mass consumption, the hypermarket of tomorrow will have to adapt, evolve from gigantism to human-sized places, with a range of food products and targeted services, favoring quality and local products. Neighborhood supermarkets and urban mini-markets are multiplying, driven by consumers' need for proximity and convenience. At the same time, online food shopping continues to break records, from discounters to organic farmers' baskets, boosted by the speed and convenience of connected commerce. As a result, home delivery is booming. Simple and flexible solution, the drive is progressing even more strongly and is going to impose itself durably, whether it is a supermarket, a pedestrian or a farmer.


This transformation of retail is changing the place of the consumer and the quality of service within the supply chain. Tomorrow, the end customer will be fully integrated into the thinking process and will no longer be the last link in the supply chain. Robotization, digital technology and artificial intelligence : operators are rethinking storage and logistics to ship food orders ever faster and more safely.



France is Europe's drive-through champion, with 5,113 drive-through sites in 2019, including 3,720 click & drives.  
(Source : Nielsen)



In the food cold chain, refrigeration and preservation technologies are focusing on performance, both in the warehouse and in stores. The explosion of the drive-through market is leading to the development of innovative refrigerated vending machines. On the transport side, the growth of short-distance deliveries is encouraging the development of fleets of light refrigerated, electric and connected vehicles.
Equipment is becoming more energy-efficient and above all greener, thanks in particular to low-carbon refrigerants adapted to European regulations.


This is the case at Sysco France, a producer and distributor of fresh, frozen and grocery products for professional catering, where EQUANS France has implemented the ILICO2 solution. The concept? Replace refrigerants with natural, low-carbon fluids and recover the waste heat generated by the refrigeration facilities. The solution has reduced the site's energy consumption and avoided the emission of 1,400 tons of CO2 per year.


To enhance the attractiveness and performance of retail and food logistics, EQUANS France supports professionals in the sector in the evolution of their activities. We design and develop, in partnership, customized and global solutions, combining sustainable process performance, carbon savings and energy efficiency.