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From multi-technical design to availability of marine equipment

Combining performance, innovation and energy efficiency: this is the challenge faced on a daily basis by the EQUANS teams, who support players in the marine industry in the construction and maintenance of high-performance, low-carbon vessels.


From multi-technical design to availability of marine equipment, EQUANS offers a range of multi-trade expertise to guide marine players throughout the life cycle of vessels.


A dedicated expert


EQUANS provides its customers with a wealth of expertise and global solutions through a single point of contact, someone who is an expert in the challenges faced by the shipbuilding industry.


A partner of the Ministry of Armed Forces and the Ministry of the Interior, EQUANS strives to guide builders, owners and fleet managers at the heart of their marine operations, to respond to the specific issues of the naval sector.


The EQUANS offer is based on three areas:

  • Support for shipyards, design and installation of new buildings and equipment;
  • Maintenance and the marine equipment service;
  • Innovation, guidance towards the digital transition and carbon neutrality.



Long-term support

EQUANS teams are involved in the design, execution and maintenance of equipment through an innovative “as-a-service”* approach, offering guidance towards an effective energy transition through a range of responsible offers.

*Turnkey solution, including financing (pay-per-use)


EQUANS builds solutions and services that combine operational performance, carbon neutral transition and equipment availability.



EQUANS offers



New vessels


From equipment design to operation, EQUANS gets involved throughout the implementation of new vessels and equipment with its multi-expertise offer for shipbuilding.


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Maintenance and After-Sales


EQUANS carries out naval maintenance by improving the technical availability of marine equipment.


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Innovation and Development


Always looking to innovate, EQUANS supports its customers through digital transformation and carbon-neutral transition, working together to construct the maritime industry of tomorrow.


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A wealth of expertise at the service of crews

19 locations in France and abroad
8 specific equipment assembly and manufacturing sites (France, Germany and Australia)
1 200 suppliers listed
1 dedicated hotline with an internal network
77 % customer satisfaction


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