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EQUANS France optimises the cold chain in the retail sector

Optimising the cold chain in refrigeration installations is an environmental, economic and financial challenge.

EQUANS France's expertise was chosen by LIDL to rethink its refrigeration equipment. The aim of the open-ended contract is to ensure the safety of the cold chain while reducing the carbon impact of new projects and the renewal of installations.



A state-of-the-art environmental strategy


Keen to benefit from state-of-the-art tools and innovative technologies, LIDL has chosen EQUANS France to modernise its refrigeration facilities.


Three major issues:

  •  Improve the reliability of the cold chain
  •  Reduce the carbon impact of refrigerants
  •  Controlling energy consumption

These are major challenges for this major player in European food distribution, involving both existing shops and new infrastructures. The Fenouillet shop is already reaping the benefits of this new contract.



Providing Lidl with tailor-made, sustainable and innovative solutions is our priority today


Because our services and our past successes with this equipment are a guarantee of quality, we know that every detail is important, and we attach great importance to each of the refrigeration installations: cold rooms, positive cold rooms, negative frozen cold rooms and air coolers.


In order to best meet the customer's needs, we support Lidl in the implementation of:

  •  a solution using the natural fluid "propane" with a GWP of 3
  •  closed sales refrigeration units with glass doors 
  •  optimised regulation according to needs and the outside temperature 
  •  strict compliance with food safety and personal safety

Sustainable investments with many benefits.



Lidl shop in Fenouillet (31)


60T of CO2 saved per year

2000 m² of photovoltaic panels


These innovative solutions, based on cutting-edge technology, will enable Lidl to reduce its carbon footprint, save energy and ensure excellent management of all its facilities. 
An unprecedented modernisation that combines quality and productivity.




Installations Lidl

EQUANS France, refrigeration expert


Our teams design customised refrigeration solutions, adapted to the retail sector, and guarantee unique support throughout the life cycle of your installations: design, installation, regulatory compliance, maintenance and energy efficiency. To improve the productivity and profitability of refrigeration installations, customised remote supervision tools have been developed. They allow you to manage your installations with ease.


Committed to each of our 22,000 refrigeration customers, we guarantee quality refrigeration at all times, and ensure the safety of everyone. Safety equipment, combining quality and safety, has been developed. In addition to refrigeration solutions, EQUANS France also provides a renewable energy supply thanks to the design, construction, commissioning and maintenance of photovoltaic panels