New LFB factory

Tripling of production capacity in the new factory

PIERRE GUERIN, a subsidiary of EQUANS France, has just been awarded a design and supply contract for phase 2 of the largest industrial site for the production of medicines in France.

Within the new LFB plant in Arras, PIERRE GUERIN will build 3 blood derivatives workshops. This future-oriented contract represents a real economic challenge as it will triple LFB's "Bulk" production capacity and will anchor France's sovereignty in terms of industry and health.



EQUANS France's expertise is more than ever mobilised


This Macro-lot order, a process at the heart of the customer's manufacturing processes, is a perfect illustration of EQUANS France's expertise and the wealth of its know-how at the service of its customers. 
This tailor-made solution will fully meet the technical and industrial requirements of our customer.

These three blood derivative workshops will be a real boost to regional performance and attractiveness, placing Arras at the forefront of the industrial and pharmaceutical sector. In the long term, they will enable plasma thawing, albumin purification and immunoglobulin purification.



State-of-the-art logistics for the new factory


In order to carry out this large-scale project, EQUANS France teams began work in January 2021.


The order includes:

  • 60 process tanks (volume from 100 to 27,000 L) and their associated skids
  • 12 cleaning stations and their associated skids
  • Supply and integration of a set of process equipment (chromatography columns, filter presses, utrafiltration systems, freezers, accessory washing machine)


After construction, the plant's production capacity will triple to meet the growing and ever more demanding health demands. A site of the future is being built here.